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Our Producers & Suppliers

Experience the ultimate in quality, freshness and that distinctive European taste made right here in Australia by Guzzardi Fine Foods.

What we do is take a product, which has been made for generations, but use modern techniques.  We have always made our salumi to look and taste like you would find in Italy.

Pure Dairy is a privately held, Australian based dairy company specialising in the sales/marketing of dairy products manufactured globally.

Real Dairy Australia Pty Ltd delivers high quality and innovative dairy-based products, services and solutions to the retail, foodservice and food ingredient markets. With a passionate sales team and unwavering commitment, we are one of Australia’s largest & most respected dairy-based ingredient suppliers.

Di Rossi Foods are cheese wholesalers and processors of a comprehensive range of cheese products.

Our one stop cheese suppliers service and national channel distribution is specifically structured to meet the needs of the Food Services Segment, Food Manufacturers, Grocery Wholesalers, National Take-away Food Franchises, Hospitality Sector and Retail Outlets.

Australian made and owned, Westmont Pickles deliver a unique local pickle. A collaboration of exciting new agricultural methods and old school pickling technique. Westmont takes ownership of an Aussie pickle crafted for the Aussie palette, delivering a bloody good pickle!

We use as much local produce as possible when it is in season and when it’s not, we call up the farms and speak directly with the growers to know where our produce is coming from and how it is being grown making sure we are getting some of the best, freshest produce available.

Imported from Greece these are premium product we are happy to distribute.

Green Valley Olives are individually hand-picked and packed in the sunny Mediterranean regions that are renowned worldwide as the most distinguished producers of olives. The excellent climate in the Mediterranean gives Green Valley Olives their unique flavour and texture. We create olives of the finest quality prepared in the tradition that has taken centuries to perfect.

A century of experience, tradition and passion for Italian cheeses: knowing how to produce genuine cheeses of days gone by on an industrial scale is a challenge overcome on a daily basis thanks to investment in the region, in 100% Italian local milk suppliers, in infrastructures and technologies, in respect for tradition and safety regulations, in the control of all phases of production.

Sole Natura brings you an array of fine food products that are selected from the best producers around the world at great value for money! Italian Peeled, Diced and Crushed tomatoes are chosen and prepared following a tradition of quality that has developed over many years.

Val Verde Tomatoes are the essence of the Italian cuisine…generous, hearty and full of love. Our peeled and diced tomatoes are perfect for family favourites such as pasta sauces, casseroles, stews and soups. Available in 400g and 800g.



At Bonsoy, we use a secret time-honoured practice to extract the best goodness out of the finest quality beans etc. bringing you a superior quality soy milk with a taste to match.

Coconuts were a part of daily life for Henry growing up in Fiji so it was only natural he would create COYO – the world’s first coconut yoghurt alternative.

Brancourts is a family Australian owned dairy foods business.

For more than 100 years the Brancourts family have been using the traditional ways to make fresh wholesome dairy foods. At Brancourts we believe that fresh, high quality dairy foods are meant to be enjoyed.

Pepe Saya is the ultimate butter to cook with, and not just serve with bread. When you heat cultured butter the flavours are released… this is something that most chefs don’t know.

A delicate mix of traditional hands-on cheese making, supported by computerised milk storage and handling, allows the Riverina Dairy to deliver consistently high quality fresh cheese and yoghurts.

Vito, the founder of Vannella Cheese Australia, began stretching and moulding formaggio in the Puglian town of Conversano in the 1970s, when he was just a teenager. After being taught by the master craftsmen in Lazio, Vito returned with the cheese handcrafting traditions that won him European awards. Today he brought his family’s tradition of handcrafted cheese to Australia.

Situated in Lovedale, right in the middle of the fabulous Lower Hunter Valley vineyard district, Binnorie Dairy produces a range of cheeses with distinctive characters unavailable outside the region.

One of the ways this is achieved is by using only locally sourced milk. “In the same way that wine reflects its regionality, due to soil variation and climatic conditions, so it is with dairy produce.”

The Mercuri Family has a very close association with their home country Italy. This is where the family inherited their love of food after generations of family members passed on traditional recipes and food production processes.

Time-honoured traditions haven’t simply inspired our business, they are our business. Many of our preserving techniques and recipes are much as they have been for centuries with closely-guarded recipes for marinades and pickling passed down through the generations.

David & Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in the historic Milawa Butter Factory in 1988, and then they set out to make delicious Australian farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods.

Tarago River Cheese Company was founded in 1982 by the Jensen and Johnson families. Located at Neerim, in Gippsland next to the Tarago River, they tend their own herd of 400 Friesian cow’s on lush pastures.

Udder Delights is the embodiment of an obsession and passion for all things cheese.
We love cheese – making it, sharing it and eating it!
We pride ourselves on being an all Australian owned and operated family business that cares about our product… Discover our wonderful range of handmade artisan cheeses.

Founded in the early 1900’s King Island Dairy are producers of award winning and world class speciality cheese and dairy products.Guarding the stormy western entrance to Bass Strait is a lonely, rugged island. Situated at 144ᵒ longitude and 40ᵒ latitude, this isolated place is cut off from the rest of the world by jagged reefs, raging seas and howling Roaring Forties winds. With mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and a consistent salt spray thanks to the constant westerly winds, the environment contributes to quality milk production which helps us create some of the finest cheeses on earth. Welcome to King Island.

Maffra Cheese Co. is located on a dairy farm near Maffra, in the heart of Gippsland’s lush dairying country. Owned and run by the diminutive dynamo, Ferial Zekiman, we enjoy a reputation for producing some of Australia’s best Cheddar.

The milk used to make Maffra Cheese is sourced mainly from Holstein-Friesian cows and our cheeses are hand-crafted on our farm. No animal rennet is used in the manufacture of Maffra Cheeses, so it is suitable for vegetarians.

The Devondale Murray Goulburn Co-op consists of over 2500 dairy farmers across South-Eastern Australia that run highly professional, small-to-medium sized dairies that utilise modern technologies, employ thousands of Australians and care for their animals and the environment.

The Co-op is controlled by the Australian farming families who supply the milk.

Mersey Valley is Australia’s best loved vintage club cheddar!

Mersey Valley vintage club cheddar was created over 35 years ago, and is named after the fertile farmlands of the Mersey Valley region, in Tasmania’s unspoilt Cradle Country.

DODONI was founded in 1963 to initially serve the needs of the residents of Ioannina in Northern Greece. Today, 50 years later, through a course of continuous development, the highest standards in dairy cheese manufacturing and state of the art technological pioneering, DODONI has been established as one of the leading Greek producers of dairy products. This has been achieved with the investment and installation of one of the largest state-of-the-art Feta production lines in the world Often copied, but never equalled, you can be sure of the authenticity of DODONI feta by the company’s trade mark logo stamped into the top of the cheese.

In 1956, a young Umberto Somma arrived in Australia with no more than a few shillings in his pocket, a 90 litre copper pan and a dream. The young man from a small Italian village of Pimonte in Napoli, set about to introduce Australia to his traditional Italian fresh specialty cheeses. Although Umberto succeeded in giving Australia traditional Italian culinary cheese delights, the road to success was never easy.

The Fresh Cheese Company is predominantly a manufacturer of multi-award winning high quality Mediterranean style cheese. For over 20 years the company has evolved from a suburban cottage business into a major player in the specialty cheese industry in Australia.

The time when Auricchio was the one-brand company of founder Gennaro Auricchio is by now far away.

Now the company features one of the widest range of cheeses you may find: from Provolone to main DOP Italian cheeses, ricotta and sheep cheeses, either fresh or aged.

Handicraft products made following the traditional recipes and still quality controlled according to the latest regulations.

TGT, named after its founder, Teodoro Garcia Trabadelo has made its mark in the world of cheese. A company with more than 40 years of history, it has become the number 1 player in the Spanish cheese market today.

Long Clawson Dairy has been making English cheeses for over a century, and we continue to use the same methods that our founders used to produce award-winning cheese. Long Clawson Dairy is a traditional British cheese producer, based in the small village of Long Clawson in the county of Leicestershire.

It was 1865 when Pietro Defendi, a milkman, began to passionately prepare the first formaggelle using milk from his own farm.  From father to son over 150 years have passed and the Defendi Cheese Factory today is a modern and technological business. Since the first homemade productions, it has diligently and enthusiastically dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence in the production of the typical cheeses of Lombardy, made with the pride of those who remember the ancient traditions, just as its founder would have wanted.

Based in the Somerset town of Wellington in the South West of England, Somerdale International Ltd is one of the UK’s leading exporters of cheese and dairy products. We represent some of the highest quality cheese producers in Great Britain and our range of products include traditional cheddars, blue cheese, blended and flavoured cheese and traditional, hand-made artisan cheese.

Joseph Farms is one of the most respected cheesemakers in North America. Our master cheese makers use generations of experience to slowly craft each cheese, ensuring the uncompromised quality and delicious mouth-watering flavors that have earned us countless awards. Our cheese is then aged to perfection in a carefully controlled environment, which develops the unique flavor of each of our varieties.

The iconic Fort des Rousses cellar, over 214 metres long, is where Charles Arnaud Grand Reserve cheeses are kept. The imposing Charles Arnaud cellar is dedicated exclusively to Comté cheeses reserved by cheese and dairy product sellers. The cheese rounds are selected on the spot by Master cheese makers. These are exceptional Comté cheeses matured for 12 to 36 months to delight the most demanding gourmets.

Grand’Or stands for the best European cheese, butter and more. Grand’Or brings you the best quality cheese from all over Europe. From the world-famous Dutch Edam and Gouda cheeses, England’s popular Cheddar, to the southern European Mozzarella.

In a market place dominated by multinationals, Ben Furney Flour Mill’s prides itself on being able to offer you a real, independent alternative. Our simple business philosophy based on old fashioned country values has proven to be highly successful in attaining continuous growth and an ever increasing loyal customer base.

Barilla is an Italian family-owned food company. Established in 1877, it’s now an international Group present in more than 100 countries. A world leader in the markets of pasta and ready–to–use sauces in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy and crispbread in Scandinavia, the Barilla Group is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Italian know–how.

We think that pasta is the culture of our country. So we respect that very Italian pleasure of eating well, the well-known regional traditions and the lesser-known local delicacies. With Lenta Lavorazione®, an exclusive method which produces a peerless pasta, we want to tell the story of a voyage of rediscovery of the time of the artisan, epitomised by attention to detail.

Just Pasta is a Sydney based pasta manufacturer which has been established since 1985. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer and custom made producer.

Preferred by Chefs across the world, Rougié brings the highest quality Foie Gras and Moulard Duck specialties to American Chefs. Our Philosophy is based on sustainable farming, innovation and a great passion for details shared by our team.

Great Southern Truffles is one of the Australia’€™s pioneers in hunting & grading truffles. Our team has over 15 years’ experience in hunting, harvesting and grading truffles throughout Europe and Australia. With highly trained truffle dogs and our experienced truffle hunters, we offer truffiere’€™s the opportunity to utilise this expertise, to optimise the success and quality of truffles hunted on their farms.

From Carolina to Smoky, each of the Lillie’s Q sauces is made from a unique blend of all natural ingredients and pays homage to a specific Southern region. So whether you’re in the mood for a bite of South Carolina pepper, a sweet and tangy Alabama original with a pinch of Cajun spice, a touch of Memphis sweet brown sugar or the bold and spicy cayenne of North Carolina, Lillie’s Q has a sauce to fit every mood, and every dish this side of the Mason Dixon.

Our Home is Tasmania A beautiful island with pristine waters and a rich maritime history where our ambition to produce healthy, fresh Atlantic salmon began more than 30 years ago. From humble beginnings, we are Australia’s largest producer of Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon, our focus on quality and sustainability has underpinned our reputation as a global pioneer and leader.

Rodriguez Bros is a leading manufacturer and importer of quality Spanish smallgoods. We also specialise in Spanish cheeses, grocery foods and cooking utensils.

Rodriguez chorizos are made to a traditional Spanish recipe and are featured in many of the leading Spanish restaurants throughout Australia.

Bringing great chocolate to every chef and supporting you in what you love most – creating wonderful chocolate delights for your fans and friends – is what we pursue to do. It all started in 1911, in a small town in Belgium called Wieze.

S.Pellegrino’s enduring success is deeply rooted in its extraordinary heritage, symbolic value and iconic identity, all expressions of its unique Italian spirit. Ever since its foundation in 1899 S.Pellegrino has been a premium brand synonymous with style for more than a century.

R&S Danube Smallgoods P/L manufacturers of fine quality European and Australian Ham and Smallgoods products since 1992.

Our Brands include, The Burgomaster, Byers and The Blackforest Smokehouse.

Zammit Ham & Bacon Curers is well established and considered amongst the elite in the business of smallgoods.  The Zammit brand is synonymous with premium quality ham and bacon and this reputation brings great pride to the management and staff of the company.

Lucas Meats is well known for providing a uniquely-flavoured line of bacon and hams and have our own curing and smoking facilities based at our premises in Bronte.

100 percent Australian owned and operated, Pendle Ham and Bacon Curers are known as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of smallgoods and have been serving the community for more than 40 years. Producing a wide range of quality ham; bacon; colonial; and continental small goods.

Ivan’s Small Goods, also known as Ivan’s Butchery is Australian owned and operated family bussiness. We wholesale to the public as well as providing for delicatessens, clubs, restaurants and other retail outlets countrywide.

Kaczanowski & Co began as a butcher shop in Summer Hill, where Grandfather Kaczanowski experimented with recipes for brines and cures. Before long we had our own range of smallgoods and a thriving family business.

At Black Forest Smoke House we select the finest Australian pork and the freshest herbs and spices, then use family recipes passed down through four generations to produce consistently succulent, flavoursome hams, bacon, cold meats, breakfast sausages and salamis.

Spiess Australia was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary company of the Albert Spiess AG in Switzerland. A company with a century old history (Est. 1906) and an unbreakable commitment to manufacture high quality smallgoods. The Company is owned by Albert Spiess who is operating the Spiess Group in the third generation.

Antonio and Robert are proud of their Italian heritage. Their ability to produce the best quality Salumi in Australia for over 35 years is the result of their passion, dedication and secret family techniques that have been handed down through seven generations. Incorporating this tradition with a single minded pursuit of excellence, utilising the finest Australian produce, De Palma Salumi consistently deliver high quality artisan Salumi everytime.

With 60 years’ experience, the well respected Melosi family is led by Roland Melosi and his business partner Len Barone, his son Giovanni Melosi and son in law Vince Vocisano. Together with a dedicated team, they strive to create distinct smallgoods using true Italian curing methods.

Represents the perfect blend of tradition and know-how of generations to offer the highest quality Jamon It is a family of products made with the noblest piece of the animal, such as ham, previously selected and that comes from own livestock, raised and fed on our farms. They are pieces that have gone through a long process of healing in the cellar that enhances all its aroma and flavor.

Our products, which appeal to the more gourmet of consumers, are unique due to our strict manufacturing procedures and purchasing standards.

We are a proud family run salumi (smallgoods), manufacturer based in Sydney. We make and supply some of Australia’s best award winning salumi.

How we do what we do is what sets us apart from the rest. As a family, we share over seven generations of smallgoods and butchery tradition, skill and knowledge. It’s in our blood.

Ribs and Roast has had 20 years of combined experience of sous vide cooking. Our commitment to our customers is a range of niche products that is cooked to perfection every time. We concentrate on building relationships with the best produce suppliers around Australia. This ensures that we get a consistently high quality product that allows us to start with the best possible ingredients.